Continuous and significant pressure on the teeth over a long period, allows them to move due to apposition and the constant resorption of alveolar bone around the roots.

It thus enables the aesthetic and functional optimization of the dental arches and the correction of malocclusion. Although primarily aesthetic, orthodontics also aid the functions of; chewing, phonation, breathing, swallowing and growth. Normalizing the reflex function must be the priority of any orthodontic treatment.

In fact, several philosophies have been put forward regarding the role of rehabilitation during treatment. Some people highlight the fact that aligned teeth are easier to clean, which significantly contributes to the prevention of cavities and periodontitis. Dentofacial orthodontics is preferably performed in a young person, but some treatments can be applied to adults. The teeth can be moved at the age of 4 years (orthopaedic treatments) up until an advanced age (tooth position). Children show an ability to adapt to these treatments faster than adults.

After the growth period is over, it is no longer possible to change the size and position of the jaws, except by the intervention of maxillofacial surgery. It should be emphasized that in recent years, orthodontics has become quite common in adults.
There are two types of orthodontic appliances. Fixed (Brackets & Braces) and removable (align Invisalign style)

Our firm offers both solutions according to your needs and desires

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