Fear of the dentist

For most of the population a visit to the dentist induces "fear" for several reasons: fear of pain, fear of needles and instruments or just afraid of being afraid. However, for a minority of people, visiting the dentist is an actual phobia and prevents sufferers from functioning normally. Phobia is expressed through an excessive and disproportionate need to avoid the cause of fear. Examples of known phobias include; fear of flying, spiders and claustrophobia. The term phobia however, is also used in a general sense to describe any kind of repulsion. To combat this type of phobia, it is important to consult a psychologist who can propose adequate therapy.

The origin of phobias related to dentists often date back to childhood and due to an experience that was either very uncomfortable or actually traumatic. This pain suffered during past treatments is likely a result of the brutal and insensitive behaviour of your dentist at that time.

There are several techniques and methods that can be used to help you successfully overcome your fear and help you feel more relaxed when in the dentist’s chair.

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