Digital radiography is an undeniable progress in medical imaging. It has many advantages:

  • The medical diagnosis is extremely accurate thanks to its greater resolution capacity.
  • It is immediate.
  • The possibilities for image interpretation are so perfect and precise; it becomes unnecessary to take extra shots.
  • The risk of error, both in terms of x-ray development, archiving and storage becomes non-existent. The waiting time is reduced to a minimum.
  • The dentist/doctor can give much clearer and more accurate information to the patient based on its technological tools that allow it to increase the size of the image, highlighting the anatomical structures or pathologies. The dentist/physician also has the ability to immediately transmit these images to a specialist, a colleague or an insurance company.

Digital radiography renders obsolete the use of developing chemicals which are harmful to the environment. By using reusable films, it greatly contributes to the protection of nature.

3D digital radiography, also called computed tomography or digitized Cone-Beam Computed Tomography answers to another significant advance in medical imaging. It allows us to take several x-rays simultaneously on several levels, revised by the software and rendering a 3D image.
3D digital radiography is now installed in about 350 firms in Switzerland. Due to the increased radiation dose, the information must be clearly defined and are the subject of a consensus recently published by the Swiss Society of Dental Radiology and Maxillofacial.

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